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Freaky Friday-Changing Places and Faces


Would you ever want to change bodies for a day with someone?


Sophomore Samantha Perez said, “The person I would change for a day with would be Hayden Panettiere because she is amazing at what she does, and she’s very pretty.” She would want to see what its like to be famous and how she lives her life. She would want to see where she lives and where she shops and how she lives her life. Sam said, “It would not make my life better because my life is fine the way it is; there is nothing to change.”



Freshman Tristan Kromer said, “The person I would change with is IDUBS, because they make me laugh.” Tristan picks this person because they make funny memes. He says, “I would want to make a lot of memes.” He said, “Yes, because it would make my life easy. All I would have to do is spread funny stuff around to everyone.”



Sophomore Alex Moreno said, “I would change into Megan Fox because she is an awesome person. She has inspired me since I was about 9 years old,” she said, “I would want to go on set of one of her famous movies, see if she has any pets, and explore where she lives. I like the way I am and the life I have, but I would just want to have some fun in her life for a day.”



Sophomore Genesis Lopez said, “I would want to be Kristen Stewart because she is very good and I love her and all her movies. I pick this person because she is very real and just an amazing person.” She said, “I would for a little bit because my life isn’t that good. I’m in a bad spot, and I would want to make it better, but I wouldn’t really use her for a whole lot.”



Sophomore George Santos said, “I would be James Marsden because he is a good person. He is really funny in his movies and he makes me laugh. I pick him because he is a great and hilarious guy to watch.” He said, “If I would want to fix my life, I would do it myself, not use someone for it.”