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Four Year Reflection: Nine Seniors


Seniors never realized how fast four years go by until they’re just a few days away from graduation. Everyone always told you, “Enjoy these years while they last or you’re gonna wish it never ended.” So many things change.

What were you like your freshman year?

“I was very shy, kept to myself, and I barely talked to anyone. I was just in my shell still. I was always self conscious about what other people had thought or said about me,” said Senior Tyler Roland.

“Freshman year, I was shy and observant, trying to find new friends,” said Lindsay Gerle.

“The beginning of freshman year was pretty rough for me. I didn’t quite know who I was as a person. I only had the friends from middle school, so meeting all these new people and trying to make friends was the scariest thing I had ever done,” said Chad Ludwig.

“Freshman year, I was very talkative, always hung out with friends, and was involved in sports. I stayed out of trouble because I was always so busy,” said Diana Petrosyan.

“I was really quiet and nice. I kept to myself. I was a naive freshman,” said Andrea Vasquez.

“Freshman year, I acted impulsively, which got me in trouble a lot. I also had friends that weren’t great friends to me and I didn’t know any better, so I kept them around which led to me learning how to identify the right people to keep around,” said Justin Bowles.

“I was a quiet, timid little freshman that was scared of making friends,” said Brody Jones.

“The beginning of freshman year, I was a small little kid that was terrified of other upperclassmen and I just wanted to find my place in high school,” said James Gamble.

“I was very shy. I didn’t know anybody. I was on varsity cheer, I was very athletic, and I was always involved in school things,” said Jada Pittman.

It seems that they were all shy. It’s hard starting somewhere new and not knowing anyone. We feel like it will last forever, until we’re finally out of high school; however, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.


What are you like now?

“I am outgoing. I talk whenever and say whatever I want. Everyone knows who I am, not in a cocky way, but they just do. I could care less what other people think because this is my life,” said Tyler Roland.

“Now, I am more confident in myself and my beliefs and I’m more outspoken,” said Lindsay Gerle.

“Myself now could be described as outgoing, fearless, and laid back. I try not to dwell on things that would bring me down. I’m more optimistic, for sure, than my previous high school years. I have made a ton more friends and now, I feel more comfortable in my own body,” said Chad Ludwig.

“Now, I am still the same Diana: you won’t find me sitting doing nothing. I’m still very talkative and outgoing. The only trouble I’ve gotten into so far that I didn’t my freshman year is a speeding ticket, but it happens!” said Diana Petrosyan.

“I’m really outgoing, I have a strong personality, and I’m definitely more of a people person. I used to not be outgoing, but I can be loud and I say my own opinion,” said Andrea Vasquez.

“How I would describe myself now is that I shouldn’t shut down and I would focus on the positives in life and not the negatives,” said Kaylee DeFord.

“I am at the point where I realize how important my actions are and how they reflect in real life. I know I have to be more careful with my actions, knowing the possible consequences. I also have learned to think before I speak, because I know acting on impulse doesn’t end well most of the time,” said Justin Bowles.

“I’m an outgoing person that tries to make friends wherever I go,” said Brody Jones.


“Now, I am a D1 athlete trying to make my future the best it can be,” said James Gamble.

“I am outgoing and talkative. I’m funny and I don’t really care about anything,” said Jada Pittman.

After four years, it’s apparent that you become more comfortable. When you think about it, you’ve been with these people and been at the same place for awhile.

What was your biggest change?

“My biggest change was breaking out and becoming a whole new person,” said Tyler Roland.

“My biggest change was making an effort to show kindness and love to others, no matter what people thought,” said Lindsay Gerle.

“My biggest change would have to be my attire. I used to dress with a big band tee and cargo shorts. Currently, I wear school shirts or Vans shirts with whatever shorts I feel like wearing that day. Changing my outfit wasn’t just a physical change, but actually a mentality change. I started dressing to please myself instead of dressing to impress anyone else or be like anyone else. It completely changed my life around and allowed me to look at life in a different perspective,” said Chad Ludwig.

“My biggest change from freshman year is that I have matured more. I see things differently now, from boys, to friends, and life. I’ve become a smarter and wiser person, which has helped me realize what really matters in life,” said Diana Petrosyan.

“My outgoingness was definitely my biggest change,” said Andrea Vasquez.

“The biggest change from freshman year is that I grew into a better person by not being so judgmental with people and not caring if people accept me or not. I couldn’t care anyway because I don’t have to impress anyone” said Kaylee DeFord.

Justin Bowles said “my biggest change from freshman year is probably being able to choose the right people to keep around in my life. I can distance myself from people I know aren’t good for me,” said Justin Bowles.

“My biggest change was my socialness,” said Brody Jones.

“My biggest change was becoming who I really am and being better at baseball,” said James Gamble.

“My personality was my biggest change,” said Jada Pittman.


Are you happy with who you have become?

“I love who I have become. I wish I was this way since freshman year. It would have been a better high school experience,” said Tyler Roland.

“Yes, I am very happy,” said Lindsay Gerle.

“I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Learning to live for myself rather than for others was the best thing I could have done,” said Chad Ludwig.

“I am very happy with who I am now! I wouldn’t want to change. I love my friends and family and can’t wait to continue to grow,” said Diana Petrosyan.

“Yes, I definitely am, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Andrea Vasquez.

“Yes, I am because I finally learned to express myself. Before, I would flip out if people called me a boy, but if they call me one now, I just laugh. If I dress the part, I play the part. I’m not so down on myself and asking if I should change because people don’t like me. Now that’s not the case anymore,” said Kaylee DeFord.

“I am happy with who I am now. I try to be my best to others, hoping to get the same in return. Also, I learned to stay honest so that things don’t come back to me later. I now know that it is better to be honest than to try and hide it. I always try my best to be honest with people, as I hope they do the same with me,” said Justin Bowles.

“Yes, I guess Greenway has changed me for the best and for the worst,” said Jada Pittman.

With the seniors all saying they are happy with who they are now (and that they survived), we know that we have a chance to get through a few more years here. Time to say goodbye to our seniors and wish them luck as they start their lives.