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Demon Dream Universities


Many Greenway students have a university in mind that they’ve always dreamed of attending, and some have other plans for the years after they graduate. With graduation right around the corner, many Demons were asked about their dream university.

“Temple University,”  Junior Lizbeth Castaneda said. “I want to go there because I want to major in Japanese. I want to become a translator, and I already know Spanish and English. I took two years already, and being a translator would be a great, fun experience.”



“Columbia University,” Freshman Hannah Shideler said. “It’s an Ivy League in New York City. I’ve been around Columbia a lot in my life because my aunt is chief of staff there. I’ve taken classes and talked to the students and it just seems like the Ivy for me. I have always wanted to leave Arizona. Plus, a majority of my family lives in New York City, so I’ve pretty much decided that is where I want to live.”



“California Arts University,” Senior Matthew Houston said. “I want to go to Cal Arts because it’d help me enhance my skills in finer arts to get a job in animation. I don’t have money to go out of state and it’d be smarter financially to go to GCC and maybe transfer to GCU later if no scholarship opportunities come up.”



“Grand Canyon University,” Freshman Rebecca Weedman said. “My brother graduated from there and I love the campus and the whole community.”



“My dream college is Northern Arizona University, hands down,” Freshman Makenzie Beasley said. “It has been the college of my dreams ever since I visited my cousin there. It’s a beautiful place, and it has tons of courses. In my eyes, it’s a great place to finish up my learning.”


“I don’t currently have one,” Senior Dustin Statom said. “I felt really pressured into college and the stress just kind of hurt my image of college.”

“I never thought much about going to college or university,” Junior Matthew Scaff said. “School-wise, I’ve been thinking of going to a trade school, so I don’t have a dream college or university.”

No matter where students go, it’s good to have a dream to chase.