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Checking Into a Social Media Rehab Clinic


Social media is what almost every teenager does, and some people need a break. Technology is so advanced now students can post pictures and send texts in the blink of an eye, yet there are people who purposefully give it up for a period of time.  We call this checking yourself into Social Media Rehab.

Junior Haley Stevens said that she “takes breaks” when she’s grounded and gets her phone taken away. She spends most of her time on Snapchat because “it’s the most popular app.” Her last “break” lasted two weeks and she thinks its a good break from drama, but “it’s hard to separate yourself.”


Senior Victoria Montero said that she took a break from Snapchat because she was “sick of watching so many stories” two months ago and it lasted about a week. She said she liked that there was more time to sleep.


Senior Brett Peirsee said he has never taken a break from social media because it’s “social suicide” and he believes people only do it for attention. He said he has most platforms of social media but doesn’t use them a lot.


Freshman Maddie Donner said she took a break from Snapchat because “it’s really distracting and unnecessary and sometimes. I just get too caught up with the homies instead of studying and around finals and big tests; I haven’t because I like talking to my friends.” She thinks it’s beneficial because “we spend too much time on it and we don’t always need it and it’s kinda more like a fun thing than something you need so yeah, breaks are good.”
 Freshman Brianna Wheeler said, “I actually just did recently. I took a break from Twitter because I started to realize it was my outlet to let go of my feelings and I relied on a stupid app too much, so I took a week break off of it so I learned how to handle everything by myself and not just try and solve it by tweeting my problems away. It’s really beneficial honestly, because you realize what’s actually going around in the real world is important vs. social media.”
Junior Amber said that she has thought about taking a break from all social media, mainly Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter “to get away from negativity and drama.”
Freshman AJ Windsor said he’s taken breaks multiple times, mostly from Snapchat and Instagram. His last break was a couple months ago. “People annoy me too much,” said AJ. He also said he thinks it is very beneficial because “it makes you feel free, but you feel like someone is texting you something important so you log back in.”
Freshman Rebecca Weedman said, “Whenever I go camping I leave my phone at home so I take a break from all my social media. I like to take a break from social media and focus on having fun while camping. Whenever I take the break, I find that I’m able to enjoy other things such as reading and hanging out with my family. Other than that, I do spend a lot of time on social media.”
Freshman Reese Tate said she has taken a break from Snapchat and Instagram. “I wanted to see if it would help with insecurities and anxiety and to focus more on myself and be happier in general. It was beneficial; overall, it did help, but it also gave a sense of realization that all of today is online and on social media, and that’s super sad. It’s harder to have real conversations and to connect with real people. When I didn’t have social media, I felt so alone which was such a weird feeling cause I felt like I had nothing to do, empty. And that’s dumb. You shouldn’t have to feel like that with social media or without.”
Would you ever consider a break from social media?