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Greenway’s Tradition of Jock Superstitions


Athletes are some of the most superstitious people on earth.  Many believe that they must do certain things to perform at a high level like eat a certain meal or wear a certain article of clothing. Greenway athletes are no different.

Freshman Zak Thompson said that his superstition involves him tying his left shoelace more than his right shoelace, saying that this helps him win. He said that it also gives him the confidence to play. He thinks that if he stopped doing it, he would probably lose confidence and not play as good.

Junior Evan Anderson said that before any jump or stunt he does, he licks his right hand and rubs the bottom of his shoe. He said that this helps with his grip when he performs jumps and stunts.

Sophomore Sean Kelly said that his superstition is to listen to Reckless by Sobxrbe. He said that it helps him concentrate and focus on what he is doing. He also said that if he stopped doing it, then he would probably lose focus.

Junior Josiah Winans said that he puts on his right sock, then his left sock, then he puts on right cleat, left cleat, ties right cleat, ties left cleat, pulls up right sock, then he finally pulls up left sock. He said that if he stopped doing this then he will probably play worse and not feel as confident. This superstition helps him win and gain confidence in his playing abilities.

Freshman Logan Roper said that if he feels drowsy or it is a bad or gloomy day, then he will play bad. He also said that if it is a nice and sunny day, but not too sunny, then he will play well.

Freshman Daniel Huff said that his superstition for club basketball is that he sleeps in his jersey; for Greenway, he sleeps in his game socks. He said that this helps him gain the confidence to play better. He also said that if he stopped doing this, then he will most likely not average as many points and it would probably cause his team to lose.

Many people, especially athletes, have superstitions. This shows that many people rely on little things to help them win games.