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Greenway PDA On Display


Have you ever found yourself in an awkward position, like being in the presence of a couple who can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other? For some, it can be quite awkward and a little uncomfortable. Here at Greenway, it’s been noticed, by students and faculty alike, that public displays of affection, or PDA, is very present at our school. Some students feel that it is a privilege to be able to be openly affectionate, but others claim that students must remember not abuse these privileges out of common courtesy and decency.

Even though PDA is fairly common here at Greenway, since love is in the air and couples are undoubtedly adorable, is it really the time and place? It’s even rumored that there are certain spots in the school where couples can go to be in secret rather than being publicly affectionate. It’s understandable: falling in love is wonderful and students may want the world to know, but do some Greenway students take things a little too far? Is Greenway more passive than concerned regarding these matters?

“PDAs are fine; it just depends on how far couples wish to express their affection. I would agree, there is not too much concern over PDA but as for myself, I don’t say anything unless it’s a little overboard, but it depends on the extent of the PDA because there’s nothing wrong with holding hands or small signs of affection. But if it’s a big groping session, then of course it’s not appropriate,” Mr. Morales said.

His advice to all those love birds out there is, “It’s a matter of propriety; there is a time and a place for everything, so if you do want to show that special someone that you love them and appreciate them then yes, a kiss is fine or holding hands but to be making out in the middle of the hallway isn’t right.”

Greenway’s Dean, Ms. Dobberphul, also had some input regarding the amount of PDA exhibited by Greenway’s lovebirds.

“Well, it’s understandable when people are in relationships, but sometimes people can be too invested in their significant other, and it also depends on the level of PDA. When I see it and students are overly affectionate or more constant, then I address it. We were once teenagers too, and it’s okay to express affection, but it’s also important not to abuse the rules, especially when we’re generous with them.”

Ms. Dobberphul was a teacher at Moon Valley, and she said that the general level of PDA was the same, but she also shared that Greenway is different from Moon Valley and as she is new here to Greenway; she said that she has a lot to learn.

“In my relationship, I try to keep it minimal unlike some other students who aren’t so private about showing their affection and people should be more aware of boundaries as well as not take things too far,” Autumn Wilson said.

“It’s a delicate situation, some students don’t realize or care to consider other people around them and this can aggravate a lot of people and thus making themselves unpleasant to be around, get a room people, off campus!” an anonymous student said.

“Some excuses for the students who act on PDA I feel like are: either they can’t see each other before or after school and only see each other during school hours, they have really strict parents, or maybe they’re just more upfront about who they’re with,” an anonymous student said.

Many feel that it’s okay to be affectionate with your significant other, like a simple goodbye kiss and holding hands. Although, some students feel that some of their peers should take into consideration that it’s a matter of time and place in which one can sneak a kiss here and there; as it’s best to remember to be appropriate on school grounds and not abuse the rules.