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Do You Gush for a Secret Valentine Crush?


Below are the comments put into the “Dispatch Secret Crush Box” that was in front of the cafeteria on Friday.  There are many secret admirers here in the Land of the Demons, and Love is in air.


Johan De La Vega-“So emotional, I’m in love.”


Elaina Lam Yuen- “You’re my Nemo. If you get lost in the great big ocean. I’ll find you.”


Aidan Poli-“I like the way your ears smell in the winter.”


Zoey Johnson-“You’re so pretty when you ride your dirt bikes.”


Parker Chinn– “Yooo Parker is so cute! His eyes are gorgeous, and his freckles make me melt.”


Nathaniel Young- “You’re really cute and funny. You look really good with glasses; you should wear them more often.”


Matthew McGregor- “I love you Matt; I wish we were friends.”


Matthew Hernandez-“Boy you’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal; I love you.”


Barkot Surafel-“I love your adorable little voice.”


Kailyn Heath-“You have the most amazing smile and personality.”


Miranda Aguilar- “Miranda, you constantly brighten up my life, and you are so gorgeous. I love you.”


Avah Husk- “Avah is the most gorgeous human being on Earth.”


Lani Bailey- “You are so nice. I love being around you.”


Alicia Siemek- “You’re a beautiful and loving human.”



Ben Barnes- “You’re so thick and sweet like honey. I hope you say hi to me.”


Tobias Stevenson- “I yearn for your good looks and charm.”


Colton Johnson-“Thank you for being my friend.”


Kelly Cordes- “Thanks for being such a cool pal and extremely cute.”


Cole Johnson- “I think you’re so hot, and you have a great sense of humor. I also love your hair.”


Edgar Bejarano- “I want you to be mine.”


Ashley Grubbe- ‘You are the best girlfriend I’ve ever had!! I love You.”


Caden Howen Hughes-“You’re the best football player I know.”


Audrie Lumpkin- “Audrie, your eyes are as beautiful as the sun. Love you.”


Megan Mattingly “She has the most beautiful smile, and I love her, but I can’t seem to talk to her.”


Christian Johnson- “You’re actually the most inspiring person in the world. I love talking to you everyday.”


Kyleigh Harris-“You have nice shoes.”


Maddie Donner “You’re so cute.”


Mohommad Ibrahim-“You look good.”


Kevin Altmaier- “You’re the sweetest boy I know; I love you snuggly bear.”


Mckenzee Cook– “You’re cute.”


Daniel Huff- “You make my days brighter; hopefully I’ll be your ray of sunshine.”


Derek Fournier- “You’re so handsome.”


Donna Marchese-“You’re cute and nice.”


Julian Arias– “He’s so hot.”


Mahria Padilla- “You are so pretty, and I love your laugh.”


Brendan Frazier-“I wish you would actually notice me; I’ve had a crush on you for two years.”


Paul Marghitas- “He’s such a cutie.”


Javier Ocampo-“Your smile, swag, and personality are the things I love about you.”


Brianna Stevens- “I’ve had my eyes on you since you came to Greenway. If your dad didn’t scare me, I’d ask you out.”


Parker Fowler-“You’re such a nice guy, and I’m a nice girl. We’re both funny and smart. Let’s make this work.”


Ciara Camacho-“Let me make you mine cutie.”


Kaylee De Ford-“I love jamming out with you.”


Kyle Whitecotton– “All that you are, is all that I’ll ever need. I love you.”


Enoch Dyer- “Your eyes are one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.”


Athena Ruiz-“You’re very rad.”


Jose Leyva-“You have a nice smile.”


Zachary Boofer-“Hey cutie.”


Diana Petrosyan- “You are an amazing and beautiful person.”


Jagger Neill- “Are you a banana? Because I find you appealing.”


Sean Krienke-“Much love to you kiddo.”


Guadalupe Pina-“You mean so much to me, and I like you a latte; you know me boo boo.”


Jade Perkins-“You’re so beautiful a blind man could love you.”


Marco Armenta-“I think you’re an amazing person.”


Lilly Ramirez-“You’re so beautiful and amazing.”


Jocelyn Tijerina-“You are beautiful.”


Ethan Martin-“I like him because he’s cute and hot. He makes me happy and laugh a lot. He is the best.”


Haydon Levenda-“I’m really sad I missed my chance with you cutie pie.”


Josmara Garces-“You’re always so hype and always smiling; I love your smile; maybe one day I’ll tell you how I feel.”


Arriel Schmitz-“You are very pretty.”


Brandon Martinez-“Hey, how are you? I have a crush on you, so I hope you know.”


Brock Schafer-“I noticed you staring at me during lunch, and I like it.”


Adrianna Dimian-“You’re my favorite person.”


Tony Perez-“You’re easily one of the cutest guys here at Greenway, and I can’t wait until you’re single.”


Evan Anderson-“You have a cute smile.”


Trevor Swartz-“You’re one of the hottest guys out there. I absolutely want to be yours.”


Damian Gutierrez– “I think you’re funny and handsome.”


Keli Rearick-“I love you but you don’t love me.”


Gabriel Lopez– “I have such a heavy friend crush on him. He’s so smart and he reminds me of  a character from Mulan. I just want to be his best friend but I can’t talk to him.”


Andrea Vazquez– ” You have the prettiest smile, I love you so much.”


Sofia Martinez– “You’re dummy thick, nice, and goofy.”


Mrs. Johnson- “Your smile and charm are contagious, and I’m lovesick for you.”


Collin Davidge– “Your truck makes me happy ;)”


Melissa Ceja– “I love you boo boo.”


Aidan Mackey– “You are very kind to everyone and always put a smile on my face. You will do great things in the future.”


Gabriel Garcia– “You are a sexy beast. I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.”


Kaylor Swayzee– “You are cute.”


Marni McQuiggin– “Hey, I like your shoulders.”


Hannah Morgan– “You’re so pretty. Every time I see you, I feel like I’m dreaming.”


Anthony Kennedy– “You’re hot.”


Evan Sarvela– “I like your man bun.”


Maya Ramirez– “I love you. You’re so cute.”


Sophia Poloni- “I low-key have the biggest crush on you.”

Spencer Llewelyn- “There are literally no words to describe how amazing you are; you’re also very hot.”