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STUDY is Not a Four Letter Word


Studying is a word students hear on a daily basis from nearly everyone around them including: teachers, classmates, parents, and friends. Some kids will put off their studying and will be fine with at least a C grade, but some students have a need to study, or they won’t feel right.

Studying is what students typically need to do in order to pass their classes because everyone has at least one difficult class. Being an honors student, Freshman Minerva Siddarthan finds that she needs to study for all of her core classes constantly, such as Honors Geometry and Honors Biology.

Students like Payton Smetzler and Jennifer Espinosa find their electives super easy. Payton said, “Business class is typical to have a test in, but memorizing the topics is easy and almost instant for me.” Jennifer finds Spanish class easier than her core classes.

Needing somewhere peaceful to study is pretty important for multiple students on campus as well. Minerva usually finds herself at her desk studying in peace and quiet because her parents find it most simple to eliminate distractions like music, TV, and conversations of others, whereas Payton will usually end up studying on the couch, getting mildly distracted by those surrounding noises.

Jennifer usually likes to study on her kitchen table where she can get help from her dad who manages to help her no matter what subject she’s working on. Minerva said, “I always find it easier to ask my parents. They were amazing students at school and are well-educated people. Even when they don’t know, I ask my teachers because, of course, they would have to know the material.”

But as everyone knows, a lot of subjects can be easier than the other. Minerva finds herself studying those difficult subjects just as much as those easy ones, though. “My parents find it much more efficient to study everything all the same so that I do well in every class,” she said. However, Jennifer finds it easier to go over the things she struggles with more so she doesn’t waste time going over the things she already has mastered.