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In this Rat Race You Need a Safe Place


Most people have a safe place to go to, and these are some of our Demons’ safe places.


Freshman Tessa Mixon said, “My safe place is my art shed. The art shed helps me think because it’s quiet and peaceful. I am trying to get away from either my family or my own thoughts.”

She feels relaxed and happy when she is in the art shed. “I go by myself.  I don’t let anyone go in it. What I do in my shed is draw and paint and do whatever I want.” Tessa has had her shed for about a month now. “I am comfortable in it, and I can lock people out if I wanted to,” she said.


Sophomore Alex Moreno said, “My room is my safe place because it’s quiet. I stay in my room because I am not near people to hear all the drama. I feel really safe when I’m in my room by myself.”

Alex would only have her few good friends know about her safe place; however, she doesn’t let anyone go into her safe place. “I don’t like people staring at me, and they will ruin my safe place,” she said.  She has had it since she was ten years old.


Sophomore Priscilla McClure said, “My safe place would be at my boyfriend’s house. It helps me think that no matter what, I have another family to go to. I’m running away from my old self. I feel like a new person, like it’s the most amazing feeling being around people who care about me.” Her family knows about her safe place. “Well, my mom does and my close friends do, too,” she said.

“The most important thing would be his family; they really seem to like me and care. I’ve had my happy place for a good month or so. It’s my safe place because I get to spend time with the people who make me happy.”

Sophomore Denay Alejandre said, “My safe place is whenever I draw. It helps me think because I’m very focused  when I draw. I am not trying trying to run away from anything; I just try to understand and enjoy my solitude. I feel like I can really express myself. I’m sure it’s obvious what my safe place is.” When asked if she would let anyone into her safe place, she said, “Only if they enjoy drawing, too.”

“What is important about my safe place is that it is not an actual place. This allows me to bring my safe place where ever I go,” she said. “I have had it since I learned how to draw. My safe place is safe because I can express myself. I don’t think it would matter because I would be paying more attention to my art than who and who isn’t around me.”

Everyone needs a safe place to go and be at peace.  As one can see, there are many different safe places for various students.