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Greenway’s Got Talent


Greenway hosted its very own Talent Show this year and it was stunning.  There were singers, dancers, and other unique performances were there that were worth while.

Nathan Werdy was the show’s first performance. He sang “When I Was Your Man”, by Bruno Mars, and it was a great start to the show with his amazing voice leaving the audience wanting more.

  Smells like Nirvana

The Shirt pocket Band

3rd place winner Trinity Tate played the ukulele and sang her own song. Her voice was beautiful and full of passion. Trinity won the third place prize of $20.

Parker Chinn did a monologue that moved the crowd to tears as he told a story about his friend and his violent parents.

2nd place winner Ethman Gordan danced to a song called Paralyzed by NF. His dance was phenomenal and full of talent. But for a song called Paralyzed, there was a lot of movement. Ethman won a prize of $40

Daisy Tanner sang a song that was both beautiful and comedic. It was about her finding her love at a coffee shop.

1st place winner Ashton Moreno sang Rolling in the Deep by Adele. It was truly stunning, and I felt the emotion in her song. It was also the most flashy of all the performances, with flashing lights. Ashton won the grand prize of $100.

Angel performed an original flag routine that wowed the crowd. It was very fluid, calm, and looked like a lot of time and effort went into it.

Brooke Garza

Jessie Powell

Halle Gordon

The cast deserved a loud curtain call which the crowd gave them with great intensity.