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Gotta Be Tough if You’re Daniel Huff


If you don’t know Daniel Huff personally, you probably just think of him as ‘that one freshman on the Varsity Basketball team.’ What some people don’t think about is how hard he had to work to get to where he is now. He’s been playing basketball for a very long time, and his love for the sport continues to grow today.

Daniel hopes Greenway will be State Champions once again, but as an individual, he hopes to become a McDonald’s All-American.

He is on a team filled with upperclassmen and to some people, that can be scary. Daniel knows that it’s scary, but he also realizes how it can make him a better player. “Being on a team of upperclassmen is scary but good for me. They are obviously older than me, but they help me grow and become a leader for the next four years,” Huff said.

One thing you may wonder about Daniel is why he chose to go to Greenway and become a Demon. He says the thing that he likes most about Greenway is that “you are always held to high standards.”

Everybody has that one class that they love, and Daniel is no different. “My favorite class at Greenway is science. My teacher definitely makes it better, but I like to learn about the earth and our bodies and scientific things like that,” Huff said.

Daniel is not only good at basketball; he is a man of many talents. “Some hobbies I do outside of basketball is I sing and play the piano. I believe if you are good at lots of things, then you are more successful in life. I don’t just play basketball, I’m good at lots of things,” he said.

Being on varsity as a freshman is obviously a huge accomplishment for anybody, and it may lead to more attention from people. “Being on varsity as a freshman has definitely gotten me more attention. It has also created relationships with lots of upperclassmen, which has given me good exposure,” he said.

When Daniel was asked about the future of Greenway Basketball he said, “The future will be bright, and yes I will definitely be a part of (our team) coming up.”

As a freshman on varsity, you definitely have to live up to the expectations of everyone, which leads to lots of pressure. “The coaches and players are tough on me. The players on the opposing team are tough on me too because I’m a lot younger than them and they think they can push me around.”

Most people that go to Greenway have eaten in the cafeteria and everybody has their favorite food. “My favorite food in the cafeteria is the spicy chicken wrap,” Daniel said.

As an athlete, you definitely have someone that you look up to in your sport. Daniel has someone that he looks up to in high school, college, and professional basketball. “My favorite high school athlete is Tyler Herro. I look up to him a lot. My favorite college athlete is Marvin Bagley. My favorite pro athlete is Kevin Durant because I think I play like him the most,” Huff said.

Daniel is not only a great athlete, but he is also a great student. He is smart and he knows the risk if he does not keep his grades up. “My grades are good. I’m in mostly Honors classes. My teammates encourage me to keep my grades up and the urge to play helps me too.”