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Famous Faculty Feeds Fantasy


Imagine walking into class and seeing your favorite celebrity. Now, imagine what your teacher is famous for. Are they a singer, actor, or even possibly a chef? As much as we love our teachers, how awesome would it be to have the chance to choose anyone in the world to be our teacher. I went around our campus and asked students, “If you had the power to choose any celebrity in the world to be your teacher, who would it be and why?”

Many people enjoy movies. These students think that having actors as their teacher would be the best choice for them.

Senior Alexa Atwater said, “Jim Carrey because he’s funny and looks like he’d be intelligent.”

Junior Sabrina Triana said, “Robin Williams because he is the funniest man.”


Senior Kenneth King said, “James Franco because he’s a professor already.”

Whenever we hear a soothing voice, it tends to keep us focused. Who better to have than Morgan Freeman? Many students at Greenway agree with that.

Junior Fausto Anaya said he would like to have Morgan Freeman because “he’s the voice of God.”

Senior Sydney Harford also said that she would want Morgan Freeman because his voice is soothing.

People already listen to music when they’re studying, so why not have a live show to help you focus? How cool would that be?

Freshman Monica Olea said, “Lil Xan because I like his music and he’s cute.”

Senior Joseph Moore said, “Ariana Grande because her music is really good and keeps me focused; she’s also really good-looking.”

Sophomore Blake Llewelyn said, “I would choose George Straight because he can sing all the time and I love country music.”

Since hiring celebrities to be our teachers probably won’t happen maybe we can encourage our current teachers to let out their God-given talents.  Many teachers performed in the Faculty Follies and about 30 teachers are part of the Teacher Tuesday anchor team.  The next time you’re sitting in class just image your teacher as a star, and your attention might just improve.