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Cafeteria Food Is Dope to this Dude


Everybody loves food which is why Greenway’s cafeteria only serves the best food there is. There are many choices to choose from such as pizza, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, burritos, nachos, and rice and chicken.

The thought of eating a delicious Greenway lunch makes my mouth water as I’m standing in line waiting for the scrumptious food, especially when it comes to the nachos. You can combine cheese, beans, rice, and chicken to form the ultimate lunch. I love nachos, as cheesy as that sounds. The chicken and cheese together are the best.

Greenway’s Cheeseburgers are also mouth-watering and incredibly good. The fries they come with are so tastey that they offer extra in case you want more. The burgers are absolutely remarkable.

The chicken sandwiches have the longest line, so they must be the best lunch. The sandwiches also come in a spicy flavor, if you feel like burning your mouth. Accompanied with the amazing fries, it makes them better than before.

If you don’t feel like having any of those other astounding lunches, then you should have the pizza provided by Sardella’s, which is by far the best pizza ever. Not much else can be said about it other than that.

Who would’ve known that food from other countries could taste so delicious?  The chicken and rice is an oriental dish and an astonishing selection. The chicken brings so much flavor and the rice makes it much, much better. You can also add soy sauce for added deliciousness.

Everybody loves hotdogs and these ones are no exception. They are mouth-watering, magnificent, and are even better with ketchup.

Food critics visit five-star restaurants to find the most exotic foods in town, but here at Greenway we can find total satisfaction right here on campus.  It’s good to be a Demon! Bon Apetite.