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And the Oscar Goes To…


As the new year starts to unfold, Hollywood hosts many award ceremonies to recognize actors, directors, musicians and move makers alike. On January 7th, the Golden Globes were hosted for people in film and tv. A few weeks later the Screen actors guild (SAG) awards and Grammy awards were given out. This years Academy Awards or “Oscars” will be given out on Sunday March 4th. This will be the 90th Academy Award ceremony ever hosted.

The Oscars are broken up into many different categories. Some directed towards various acting roles while others are all about cinematography and musical scores. The following are my most anticipated categories:

  • Best picture
  • Best director
  • Best actor and actress in a lead role
  • Best cinematography
  • Best original score

One of the very interesting parts about the Oscars is that some of the smaller and lower budget movies have a chance to be in the spotlight. If a film with a low budget wound up not being very successful at the box office due to critic reviews or higher competition, this could give it another chance to make up for that loss. Another fun aspect is that there is no limit to how many nominations a film can have. This why you often time hear about one film falling under many categories. For example this year, the film Dunkirk is up for eight different nominations.

As a very big movie person, I usually end up going to see many of the movies that end up being nominated. Usually my reasoning for seeing a movie depends on what it’s about, who directed it, if it’s an original concept or based of something like true events or novels and if it’s part of a previously started series. For example, I saw Star Wars since I’m a fan and it’s the new edition to a long running series. I also recently saw The Post which is a movie about a true story involving the presses role during the Vietnam war. Both films have been nominated for various awards. Here are my predictions for this year’s ceremony.

  • Best film- Nine films were nominated this year: Call me by your name, Darkest hour, Dunkirk, Get out, Lady Bird, Phantom thread, The shape of water, The post and Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. Now the only film I saw out of all these was The Post, but I heard great things about Dunkirk, Get Out and Darkest Hour. Get Out was widely regarded as a thriller and horror hit long in the making. Darkest Hour and The Post were well praised for their story telling and subject matters. Obviously each film has a different target audience and that makes it hard to choose one as the best film of the whole year. My guess is The Post will win because it’s about real events that happened during the 70’s and it saw the return of big name actors Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

  • Best director- I think Christopher Nolan will win. Nolan is a very accomplished director who’s well known for his visual and story capabilities. Nolan directed the Dark Knight trilogy which was loved by many and other big names like Inception and Interstellar. He provides audiences with a great film full of drama and stunning cinematography and sound. All of the other directors in the running aren’t as big as Nolan but keep in mind that it would be odd for Nolan to win best director if he didn’t win best picture.

  • Best lead actor and actress- For actor, it’s a toss up between Gary Oldman and Daniel Kaluuya. Gary who has featured in many big film series like The Dark Knight and Harry Potter has already established his acting capabilities while Daniel is on the younger side and new to the spotlight, but still showed us what he can do. I’d have to guess Daniel Kaluuya because he was the lead in Get Out which in order to play the part, he had to be able to show true fear and that takes lots of skill. Gary did an amazing job in his role as Winston Churchill but he didn’t have to capture the same emotions as Daniel in Darkest Hour. For actress I’m guessing Meryl Streep because not only has she won Oscars in the past, but she nailed her role as the owner of the Washington Post whom was in a very tight situation during Vietnam.

  • Best Cinematography- For those who don’t know, cinematography means the art of making motion pictures. Hoyte Van Hoytema was in charge of the cinematography for Dunkirk. Since he was working alongside Christopher Nolan, I believe he’ll win. Nolan has amazing ideas in his head and from what I’ve seen, Hoyte made those ideas come to life on screen.

  • Best original score- Now this may seem like a small category, but once you pay attention you realize how important scores are to movies. This is a huge toss up. John Williams is up for his score in Star Wars The Last Jedi and Hans Zimmer is up for his score in Dunkirk. John Williams has written the score for every single Star Wars movie except Rogue One. So from 1977-2017, that’s 4 decades of making scores. Now Hans may not have the four decades of experience under his belt but he does have many well recognized films under his belt. Hans is usually Christopher’s go to man. Hans did the score for The Dark Knight and Inception. He also did the score for Madagascar, Pirates of the Caribbean and many other films. This is tough. As much as the music by John is super iconic and recognizable, Hans really sets the mood for each scene perfectly no matter what’s happening. My guess is Hans Zimmer will take home the trophy.

Those are my personal opinions and predictions for the 2018 Oscars. If you want to watch them they’ll be held on March 4th. It’s aways interesting to see the kinds of things Hollywood wants to recognize for it’s excellence. All awards are voted on by The Hollywood Foreign Press which is a board of superiors with expert opinions for all aspects of movies. This year’s line up is not as big as it has been in the past but it still has many great films to pick from.