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How to Conquer Your Demons and Live a Better Life


Many students here at Greenway have different ways of managing their time. Some people are good at it, while some aren’t so great. Although there are many easy ways to manage time better, many people don’t follow them.

Lots of people say they don’t have as much time as everyone else might, but that’s simply not true. Everyone has 24 hours in a day to do things. Some may be more busy, but those people can learn to manage their time better.

Here are some things that people can do to help manage their time better:

One thing that would be a big help with managing time would be organization. The more organized a person is, the faster they can get something done. Plus, non-organization can waste a lot of valuable time. The point is, if you’re not organized, you’re not efficient, and that can be a big issue.

Setting priorities is a key component to time management. There are priorities such as education, family, friends, personal, free time, athletics, and work. Juggling all of these can be tiring, but balancing them all out allows for a more functional and efficient life.

Another way of managing time better is to plan ahead. There are many ways to plan ahead. Some effective ways would be setting alarms, using a calendar, having a consistent schedule, and avoiding cancelled plans.

Time-wasting or unnecessary activities can also lead to bad time management. People need to learn better ways to avoid doing things that waste time. When a person wastes time, it creates more pressure for them and may cause them to stress more, leading them to rush whatever they’re doing.

Setting goals and focusing on one thing at a time rather than many is a crucial step of time management. To create more time, a person must ask themselves what is important at the time for them and what must be done first. Doing this allows people to focus on one thing at a time, and not worry about other things until needed.

Even though there are many ways to waste time, and many tempting things that get people off track, these things can be avoided pretty easily. There are many effective ways to manage time better in general, and they are all easy to use and follow if one applies themselves. All in all, time management skills are something that can be acquired within a short amount of time with some effort.