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Be Prepared to Be Scared


Many students around Greenway have a special interest in horror movies. They were interviewed about what their favorite horror movie is and why.

The first student interviewed was Sophomore Andrew Gulliver. He said that his favorite horror movie is “IT”. It’s his favorite horror movie because of it’s suspenseful nature. His favorite scene in the movie is when the clown grabs Georgie and pulls him into the sewer. He said that’s one of the scariest scenes in the movie. “I’d rate the movie a 10/10”, said Gulliver about “IT”. “It was a really good movie.” Gulliver also said that the best part about horror movies is the fact that they tap into your fears without actually being real. He said some things that make a good horror movie are suspense, good music, and believes the best horror movies are based on a true story. “It’s the building up of suspense that really makes a good horror movie.”

Gwendolyn Cheetham, a freshman, said that her favorite horror movie is “The Visit”. She likes the movie because it’s funny and scary at the same time. The scariest scene in her opinion is when the grandma in the movie turns into a demon.

Senior Joel Kidd’s favorite horror movie is Saw. Their favorite part about the movie is the traps and how intricate they are. They described the movie as “freaky and creepy”. “I enjoy a horror movie that doesn’t rely on jumpscares,” Kidd said. They also mentioned that most horror movies freak them out, but they like Saw because it isn’t too scary for them.

Freshman Anthony Ramos’s favorite horror movie is Hush. It’s about a deaf woman who is stalked in her home by a burglar. The scariest part in his opinion is when the burglar sneaks in the house and tries to kill the girl.”The movie is really scary and intense”. “My favorite part is when the girl kills him at the end of the movie,” Ramos said. He says that jump-scares are the best part of a horror movie. He said what also makes a good horror movie is the build up of suspense, storyline, and overall creepiness.

Obviously, horror movies aren’t for everyone, but some of Greenway’s students have a unique interest in movies that’ll make you scream. Overall, horror movies are very loved and popular with Greenway students. If you watch one of these movies yourself, be prepared to be scared.