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Slinging the Hash Makes Students Cash


Here at Greenway High School, we have students who work in the cafeteria. They not only serve the kids food but also enjoy doing it. They get paid around ten dollars an hour and work everyday during their lunch. One student, freshman Tony Capozzi, said the best part of the job was “either the free food or the money.” But the worst part is how much time for lunch students get after they work. “We only get like fifteen minutes which sucks,” Tony said.

Capozzi said it wasn’t that hard to get the job in the cafeteria. All he had to do was apply and hope to get the job. After he applied for it, he got the job and started work two weeks into the school year. When asked if he ever got teased on the job, he replied, “Well, only in the beginning; not really anymore.” So overall, for Tony the job is amazing.

Daily duties for the workers is usually serving the kids food, refilling the refrigerators and sometimes even making the food. There are different workers for each station in the cafeteria, which also means different responsibilities.

When students were asked what they think about students working in the cafeteria, their responses were all positive. One student, freshman Charity Maley, loves how kids work in the cafeteria.