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Perkatory’s Story; Greenway’s New Coffee Shop





With the temperatures dropping, students crave coffee. Starbucks, Dutch Bros., Dunkin Donuts or just the coffee we drink at home is very popular right now. That craving can be quenched very soon right here on campus.

Hospitality teacher Mr. Dudo is opening a new Coffee Shop right next to the Cafeteria. It will be named PERKATORY and will be opening second semester. Perkatory’s name is a play on the words “purgatory” which means the underworld since we are Demons, and “perk” because that’s how you brew coffee. The level of anticipation about having a hip coffee shop on campus is starting to rise.

Are you excited for this Coffee Shop’s grand opening?

Benito Cazares [Freshman]: “Possibly for getting muffins and donuts there…I don’t know, something like that.”

Mr. Dudo[Founder]: ” Oh God, I can’t wait. It’s been…4…3 years overdue. It was supposed to happen after my 1st year, so yes. Very excited.”

What will Perkatory offer besides Coffee?

Wlliam Nard [Freshman]: “I think it will be a nice place sit down and relax.”

Mr. Dudo[Founder]: “My vision for this coffee shop is really just a place for everyone to come in and hang out. We’re gonna have art hanging on the wall, photography from the photography classes. On late start Wednesdays we’ll have band and choir in here performing on open mics…I really want it to be just a place for all of our Demons to hang out.”

When do you estimate the Coffee Shop will open?

Mr. Dudo[Founder]: Ooh. I have no idea to completely honest. We’re working with an electrical issue that’s in the process of being fixed, but we are at the mercy of McCarthy and whenever they’ll get that electric panel built and installed, we’ll be open. I don’t anticipate it being before winter break though.

Sandwiches and such will be sold along with Perkatory’s coffee, so the Demon Den will have a little competition. This is a truly exciting time for us, and it will nice to have a place where we can relax, do homework and just enjoy being a Demon.