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New ROTC Teacher Mr. Stevens is Here So Get Your Butt In Gear


Here at Greenway High School, the students have a new ROTC teacher, Mr. Stevens. He has been here for almost a whole semester and loves it so far. “The first moment was a feeling of family,” Stevens said.

Before his time at Greenway, he was in the Navy for 20 years as a specialist and career counselor. He was born and grew up in Oakland, California. Before he taught here, he taught for five years in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When asked if he has had any trouble so far, he replied with, “Do you know the students that go here?” But soon after, ┬áhe admitted that he was joking with me. “The inspections so far have been outstanding in all parts, and they achieved the highest score possible. All of our ROTC students have been working really hard and deserve this grade.”

When asked what he was like in high school, he had to think for a little bit. He said he wouldn’t call himself “popular”, but more of a cool kid, “cool like Kool-Aid,” he said. Stevens was a varsity baseball player during high school and was voted “Best Smile” in the yearbook.

He has two sisters and two daughters. He said it’s cool working at the school his daughter goes to because he can “spy on them,” which most dads can’t do.

Stevens’ favorite thing to do outside of school, “besides sleep, fly my drone,” he said. Yes, he owns a drone. He went on to joke about how he plays fantasy football and said he was “a varsity fantasy football player.”

The kids in ROTC are loving Mr. Stevens. They all say how fun he is and how he is such a great teacher. Hopefully, he keeps up the good work and Greenway’s NJROTC program continues its excellence.