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My Dog Ate My Homework; Favorite Excuses


Unless you are a great student, you’ve probably missed turning an assignment in on time. If you have done this more than likely you made an excuse to the teacher. This story will give insight into some of the excuses that students have used and whether or not they worked. Teachers also have examples of excuses that were not convincing.

Freshman Modesto Games said that he has many excuses that he has used since he was in school. The ones that he said worked were: “I didn’t have internet access, I forgot my backpack in my uncle’s car and he drove back to my aunt’s house, I was at the hospital until late last night and didn’t find the time to do my homework, and I was too busy helping my grandparents move to find the time to do my homework.”

These were some of the excuses that he said did work, but now let’s get to the one that didn’t work. One excuse that he said didn’t work but actually did happen to him was: “My dog ate my homework.” He told me that he actually did just get a new dog, and he did tear up his homework, but the teacher did not accept the excuse.

Freshman Aiden Joubert said that he also has many excuses that he has used to cover for himself since he started school. This is one that he said worked: “Oh, this was due at the beginning of class? I thought you said it was due at the end of class, and then we would have time to work on it during class.”

One excuse that he said did not work was: “I got hit by a car.” He said the reason that this one did not work was because the teacher could tell if he had been run over.

Senior Tori Montero said her best one is: “I did it but I left it at home.” One that she said did not work was: “You never gave it to me.” She explained that this did not work because the teacher knew that she was in class the day before and that if she did not get it then that was her fault for not paying attention and not getting the homework.

Junior Josiah Winans said that one excuse that he said has worked for him in school was: “Football practice ran too long, and I did not have time to go home and do my homework.” One excuse that he said did not work for him was: “I did it but I left it at home and did not put it in my backpack.”

Freshman Logan Lani said one excuse that worked for him was: ” I had to spend too much time last night helping my family take care of my brother, so I did not have the time to sit down and do the homework you gave me.”

One excuse that he said did not work was: “I did it on Word and forgot to save it.” He said the reason this one did not work was because the teacher said that he should have done it the day before.

Science teacher Mrs. Walth said that she does not except excuses that consist of “I forgot” or “I did it but left it at home,” but she said if the student was ill then she will let them turn in the assignment late; that is the only excuse she accepts.

So now that these excuses have published students may need to get creative to convince their teachers.  The easiest method of course is to do your work on time.