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Movies That Portray Life at Greenway


Who doesn’t love a good movie? It could be scary or comedic, filled with drama or filled with action- there are so many different kinds. There are also movies that portray students and their school life, such as the ever-popular Mean Girls. Although most of these movies greatly exaggerate life in high school, some do get close. So if your high school life was a movie, what movie would it be?

Sierra Walker thinks that if school were a movie, it would be “Can’t Hardly Wait”. She thinks that it is a great movie about high school students at a party having to face their skeletons, and by the end, everyone ends up getting what they want. She thinks the message that it sends of how “the underlying message always rings true: don’t let fate pass you by” is why her high school life would be this movie. What better way to spend your high school experience than by following fate?

Freshman Krisanda Williams thinks that if school were a movie, it would be Shrek. “It teaches that imperfect people can have happily ever afters too.” High school is filled with different and imperfect people. Though we may not be an ogre like Shrek, many other high school students would agree with Krisanda and how anyone, no matter how imperfect they may think they are can have a happy ending.

Freshman Dezaray Saucedo shares that if school were a movie, it would be Mean Girls. “It’s drama-filled,” she said. It has cliques, drama, and is similar to high school today. Friends stay with friends and don’t really travel outside of those friend groups. There will always be a little drama in every high-schooler’s life. Hopefully it is not as bad as the amount portrayed in the movie “High School Musical”.

Freshman Angelina Finochio thinks that the movie school would be most like is “High School Musical”, except no one knows the words so everyone sings their own lyrics.

Freshman Abbey Ruffell could agree with that. If school was a movie, it would also be “High School Musical” for her because “all the people find love and there is drama and struggles with actual classes.” School can be fun, like a musical, but it can also be hard, especially with the pressure of a job, ┬áhaving a girlfriend or boyfriend, trying to get good grades for your future, and maintaining extracurricular activities.