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Initiation is Not Humiliation


Junior Halle Gordon (pictured above) was initiated onto the girls varsity basketball team this year and she said that “some of the most special parts were bonding because we were all embarrassed, but we leaned on each other to just laugh at ourselves.” She added that seeing each other so vulnerable was a great way to bond.

Gordon also said “initiation is important in strengthening the bond of teams because it puts everyone’s guard down, which creates a sense of comfort and trust between teammates.”

Halle began her initiation by being “kidnapped” from her house by her teammates early in the morning. They were then put in silly clothes and went to breakfast and Dutch.

Halle was also apart of initiating the new varsity volleyball players this season.

Freshman Avery Richards was initiated into varsity volleyball this season and was dressed up as a pimp because she’s “rich”. She said initiation is important because “it’s not just about what happens on the court. It’s about spirit and teamwork, always.”

All these girls agree that initiations help strengthen the bond between teammates on and off the court.