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Hey Santa-This is What I Want


It’s about that time of year to give gifts and cheer all around. Everyone can agree that one of the best parts of the holiday season is receiving gifts that you’ve always wanted. From iPads to toys, gifts come in all shapes and sizes and always bring a smile to whomever you give the gift. Students around campus were asked which gift would be the best for them to receive; their answers are below.


Junior Byron Metcalf said, “I would like a bike for Christmas, so I can get to work faster.”


Sophomore Parker Chinn said that he would like a camera that can record 1080P in HD.


Sophomore Abigail Vallelonga says that all she wants is world peace.



Both seniors Ethan Olson and Junior Levi Matteson just want money so they can buy their own gift.

Senior Treven Lanam said, “I want a girlfriend for Christmas because I’m lonely.”


“I want a Supreme hoodie for Christmas because it’s fire,” said Treven’s brother Tailor, a sophomore.


Junior Roy Piggett said, “I want Legos because I like building structures.”

On Christmas morning you will find out if you have been naughty or nice.  You might just get want you want or you might get a bag of dirty coal.