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Hey Mr. Vreeken- I Have Some Suggestions


Although Greenway is a great school and has many solid programs, there are some students who would enjoy to be able to change a few things.

“I wish that we got out of school at 1 o’clock because we waste too much time in school sitting down,” said Freshman James Hughes. He also said that it would benefit the school because he believes that more people would want to come here due to shorter class times.

Freshman Fermin Cruz believes that Greenway could use more shade in the courtyard for lunch. He said that sometimes all the lunch tables are full, and you need a place to eat away from the sun. Having more shade would make it nicer to be on campus on really hot summer days when you’re trying to eat your food; this way it wouldn’t be as miserable.

Freshman Jacob Colson feels that Greenway is too strict on their skateboard rules, and they should be more lenient on letting students skate around campus. “I wish the school would let you ride your skateboard at lunch because it would be a fun thing to do,” he said. Colson also believes that it would benefit the school because teachers wouldn’t be as strict as they are with the original skateboard rule.

“I wish that some teachers would respect their students more,” Junior Tyler Duncan said. He believes that some teachers are rude and they should be more respectful to the class. He also said, “I think if some teachers would respect their kids more, then students would have a better time in class.”

Junior T.J. Murphy said, “I wish that Greenway could add Kool-aid at the drink dispensary at lunch because I like Kool-aid, and I bet that other people would enjoy it, too.” ┬áHe also believes that it would benefit the school because there would be more drink choices at the drink machine and maybe the lines wouldn’t be as long since students would have more drink options.

As one can see, there are lots of opinions on what the school should include to fit students’ wishes. Some of these would be easy, while others…not so much. As far as the school goes, Greenway probably isn’t going to make these changes, but if they were to, these would be good ones to start with.