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Demon Center (2)

Girls Soccer is Kickin’ It Old School


Demon pride never stops: even when it’s cold outside, Demon spirit is red hot. The girls varsity soccer started their season with a well-earned W against the Buckeye Union Hawks, showing how hard they’ve worked in the past few weeks.

Coach Amen is very pleased with the team and their skill and leadership.  However, the team has had to deal with some adversity.

Coach Amen said, “We are having to deal with injuries already.”  The struggle to stay healthy for the long season plagues any team, but it has been especially tough for the girls’ soccer team. In the face of this, they have stayed positive and all pitched in to help each other out. Team leaders have kept morale up and kept the team going.

There are a few special games to know about for this season. The girls’ toughest games are against Flagstaff (12/14), Cactus Shadows (1/9), and Thunderbird (1/12) and of course, you’ll want to come out for the rivalry game against Moon Valley right before Christmas on December 21st.

Photos by Ed Naujokatis