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Break the Chains of Restriction and Let Technology Free


For years, students at Greenway High School used to have no choice but to handwrite everything, relying only on given material and books, and creating boring poster board projects. Nowadays, students and teachers use technology like Smartboards and Google to make their jobs easier.

Using Google Drive and Google Classroom reduces paper usage and puts assignments in the same place to select and work on, while using Smartboards makes things simpler because it’s like combining a projector and a whiteboard into one tool.

Daniel Straker said that he uses computers and Google programs in half of his classes such as engineering, English, and science class. He said he and his classmates use computers and Smartboards in those classes nearly everyday.

“I think Google is beneficial to teachers because it helps share all of that information with their students,” he said. Straker states that Google Classroom helps him manage his workload.

Freshman Shanelle Walker said that she uses Macs and Chromebooks, while her teachers use Smartboards in nearly every class, such as Film and TV and English class. She said, “Using Chromebooks daily is honestly really helpful because it’s better than carrying many books and folders.” She also says that it makes work easier with less baggage. Her only negative thoughts on our technology is since you can access social media, “You might get distracted by social media and stray off from it.”

The perspective from a teacher might be mildly similar, but they have even more of a reason to feel the love for the new technology. Ms. Fowler said, “The new tech gives me more options to be more creative in the classroom and engage the students.”

Everyday, Fowler incorporates Google Classroom, Kahoot, and Drive into her class. She said it makes her teaching better, but not completely easier. She said using the grade book is much easier from when she started, but preparing for class is just as rigorous. She lets her students use their phones in class to do whatever they need to do in order to do well in her class because they can access the same technology on their phones.

She said she doesn’t have too many restrictions on what she does in the classroom as long as they pay attention to her and apply themselves in class. For the future, she believe we could get very near to paperless at Greenway and hopes for the best in our tech.