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Holiday Stress Can Cause Distress


Many Demons find the holiday season to be the most stressful season of all. With Christmas coming faster than ever, many Demons are not prepared for it. No matter what it is, the holidays always have some strings attached. Some Demons talked about what worries them the most about this holiday season.

“Holiday dinners are so stressful because my parents try to get me to cook the main dish when I don’t even know how to cook,” ¬†Freshman Annika Olsen said. “We usually do chicken, and I would probably end up charing it.”

“My family [stresses me out] because I do not have a great relationship with them, and they annoy me a lot,” Sophomore Lessle Bahena said.

“The most stressful thing is finding the perfect gift; one they will use because you want to get something they like or will use, not something that they won’t use,” Sophomore Eva Cervantez said.

“Definitely¬†giving gifts to everyone because I want to get the perfect gift, and you never know what to get them until the last minute,” Junior Bianca Hansen said.

“Probably getting everything set up and gifts for my family because everybody is on a different schedule, and money is tight because we are in high school,” Sophomore Meghan Pape said.

“Probably making sure everything gets done, like food, gifts and Christmas cards. This is because I do not like crowds,” English teacher, Mrs. Schwab said.

Without a doubt, the holidays can bring some stress to your life, but remember it’s supposed to be a time to enjoy family and friends.