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Call Of Duty WW2 is the Game for You


Call of Duty WW2 brings the game back to its roots. The boots are back on the ground which is something that the fanbase and series has needed for a while due to the fact the the game series has been getting to far from what made the fanbase love the game in the first place.

But COD WW2 didn’t only just bring return to what made it great, it brought some new and welcome changes to the table. It also brigs many new additions to multiplayer and zombie modes, such as divisions (Multiplayer) and load outs (Zombies). Another thing COD WW2 accomplished was doubling the sales of last year’s game, and it set the record on Playstation for first day digital sales. The game boasted sales of $550 million in just three days.

COD WW2 has been a very successful game compared to some previous CODs, which many say has saved the series from its decreasing popularity that its had over the past years.


  • 31 weapons
  • campaign, zombies, and multilayer modes
  • strong multiplayer choices and options
  • intense gameplay


COD WW2’s multiplayer mode is excellent; it brings back game modes like Team Death Match, but also brings back a classic game mode, war, which has been very well received by the fanbase. COD WW2 has a variety of maps that offer different types of combat and situations.

COD WW2’s multiplayer has been a very large part of the games success, like it is with many CODs. But with the new additions and old gameplay mechanics this COD has gone over better than many of the past CODs.

With the additions of divisions and things like bounties, COD WW2 has many new features that other CODs have not had. Players can choose their divisions to level up alongside their weapons and characters while prestiging them. In addition, bounties can help players level up and receive new items.


Alongside multiplayer and campaign, COD WW2 has brought back the popular zombies and have done it well. With a new tense feeling there are different types of zombies offering their own challenges the player must face. This includes normal walkers to mini bosses and even a boss the player can face.

Along with the new zombies, the maps help bring a sense of fear to zombies that COD has been missing for quite a while.


COD WW2 has many good and new things that has helped save the series, but also has some issues. One problem is the game has many glitches.  But overall, the game seems to be a success that will probably continue to improve as bug fixes and downloadable content come out for the game.