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Hooray- We Got an A!!!


As part of the Arizona education system, every school is evaluated on it’s quality and ability to provide basic core knowledge to the students attending a school. In Arizona, schools are rated with a letter grade, and our very own Demon Nation was given the highest rating of an A.

“What makes Greenway an A grade school is a combination of things. The grade is calculated with the overall scores from the AZMERIT test, student growth, graduation rate and how many graduates continue with higher education or start careers,” said Greenway principal Mr. Vreeken. According to Vreeken,  Greenway’s current graduation rate is over 90%, which is very high. As a district, most high schools have similar ratings to Greenway. Schools outside the district, however, have lower ratings. In fact, Glendale Union High School District is one of the best districts in the state of Arizona. This school rating attracts many students who attend Greenway on a variance, meaning they live in the attendance area of another high school, but choose to go to school at Greenway.

“Variances are a big part of the student body. I’d say a good 25% of Greenway students are attending on variance,” Vreeken said.

Mr Vreeken says the A rating comes with a “big motivational benefit.” He plans to inform students about the importance of this title near the time of the AZMERIT test to make sure students understand how big their role in the school’s rating is.

“My only concern this year is how the scores will turn out since AZMERIT will now be an all online test, and students are used to paper.” He still is confident that students will do well, and he says the staff will work together to teach students tools to help them be successful. In the past, Greenway was still an A grade school despite the fact that “the rules are constantly changing.” Mr Vreeken is confident that Greenway will be able to hold their hard earned A rating. Once students understand their role in this, he believes students will work hard to keep the school’s grade at an A.

GUHSD as a whole is an A grade district with schools such as Thunderbird and Sunnyslope receiving A’s. Even our sister school in the district “Moon Valley” received an A. In the neighboring districts such as Deer Valley, the overall score is an A, but some schools don’t quite fit that mold. Deer Valley and Mountain Ridge High Schools both received respectable B’s; however, schools like Barry Goldwater received a C. No school in GUHSD was ranked lower than a B, and for that GUHSD should be proud.

It may be surprising to know that Greenway’s main source of incoming freshman students, Desert Foothills Junior High, received a C rating.  That makes Greenway’s A rating even more impressive.

With all of this information, Demons should be proud that they attend Greenway High School. Greenway’s report card looks good now and will continue to look good in the future.