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Schoolwork for some is Easy but it makes others Queasy


Is high school really as hard as it seems, or are you just stressing too much? There are tons of students here at Greenway, and here are just a few of the opinions students have about school.

Joey Capaiu: “High school is really easy and fun, and it really brings friends closer, but in my opinion, school can sometimes be somewhat hard. Just because it is confusing when it comes to balancing sports and other activities with schoolwork.”

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Tony Capozzie: “It isn’t very hard to concentrate and do work in class, but it is kind of hard to keep up with 6 different teachers every day.”

Sofia Martinez: “School isn’t really that hard; it’s just some of the things we do in class; for example, sometimes there would be, like, five weeks in a row with quizzes and there’s a lot of homework every day. The work isn’t too hard, it’s just mainly the amount of work that we get.”

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Jonny Calderon: “School isn’t hard. All you have to do is pay attention to the teachers. The hardest part about high school, or school in general, is making sure that your grades are good and [you are] passing.”

Anthony Kennedy: “School can honestly be hard sometimes, but it always depends on you, like if you get the subject, but you just don’t pay attention or you just don’t have a good work ethic. The work we get is actually pretty easy and light work. Just some people don’t care or don’t try; even though, they are very smart. Personally, I feel like most of the time school is easy for me, but that is just because I have a really good work ethic, but there are some times where I just am super tired or just not in the mood and either I don’t feel like doing my work or I just forget to do it.”

Henry Dong: “School is very easy in my opinion. All you have to do is pay attention in class and do all your work. If you do those two things you should be good.”

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As one can see, many of the students I have interviewed don’t think school in general is very hard; most of them just think that the work amount is excessive and a bit annoying.