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It’s Been a Little “Strange” Lately


Last year, it was a small, simple series that was on everybody’s “Recently Added” list on Netflix. Now, it is a worldwide sci-fi/thriller sensation that has captured the attention of people both young and old.  The series is set in the 80’s and is a favorite of people who remembered that era.

Stephen Spielberg and Steven King’s work is very similar to what this series tries to emulate. STRANGER THINGS is an 8-episode Netflix original series about a group of boys that have a friend who has gone missing.  When they venture out to look for him, they stumble upon something that will help them find their missing friend.

On October 27th, season two was released, giving America nine more mysterious episodes. Due to the scary, thrilling, and sometimes humorous events in the series, it was released just in time for Halloween. Even the writers and producers ironically let the second story take place on Halloween.

Were you expecting anything in the second season that did not happen?

Helen Kando [Sophomore]: “More of a romance Between Eleven and Mike. I thought they were gonna have more of that because in Season One it kind of showed up a little bit, so I thought it would be a lot but I still liked the reunion in Season Two.”

Josmara Garces Arellano [Sophomore]: “Not really. I mean, Eleven came back, Nancy got together with Jonathan and the Upside down world was not gonna come back.”

What did you think about the entire series in general?

Benjamin Forsythe [Freshman]: “Season 2 wrapped up season 1 really well. The first was the best because it was original and all. I thought the plot line for season 2 was maybe better` in regards to the evil they had to fight, but in Season 1 the storyline was better.”

Who is your favorite character in the the entire series and why?

Benjamin Forsythe [Freshman]: “Uuhh…I like Dustin. He’s just funny.”

Helen Kando [Sophmore]: “I’m gonna have to say Mike because he was not mean when he met Eleven, and he was so sweet to her. It was crazy. Everyone was against her, and he was just so kind and nice to her and giving her a hand.”

Josmara Garces Arellano [Sophomore]: “Eleven. Obviously because she went through a lot in the First season with her papa torturing, her and then she let it go, and she went to go live Hopper in the second.”

Do you think the second season ties into the first one really well?

Benjamin Forsythe [Freshman]:”Yeah. Definitely. The end of Season One was a little bit shocking with Will at the end with the slug, but you were kind of able to understand with Season Two very well.”

Helen Kando [Sophomore]: “Yeah. I kind of like how they started when they left off from the last season so it tied really well.”

Josmara Garces Arellano [Sophomore]: “Yeah because of the creepy animals, especially the Demogorgen coming back and getting worse.”

What was your favorite part in all of the second season?

Josmara Garces Arellano [Sophomore]: “Well…I like how the Upside Down came back, and I like how Nancy got with Jonathan, and she’s not with Steve anymore.”