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What’s so Great about a Date?


Dating is when two people go out together. It is a popular concept, and even someone who’s not dating still has thoughts on the subject.  Many students here at Greenway have opinions on dating, and some of the stances on dating may surprise some.

One of the biggest problems with dating is deal breakers. Deal breakers are issues that could ruin dating. Freshman, Emily Bragg said, “A deal breaker for me is when you’ve cheated with someone.”

Sophomore, Dempsey Lunog adds, “Always be 100% committed to that person no matter what.”

Both Dempsey and Emily say their ideal date would be a picnic. Dempsey said, “An ideal date would be a picnic just talking about us and having that special moment together.” Emily agreed with Dempsey that they best date would be a picnic in the park.

So what is considered to be a bad date?

Emily said she would consider a cheap date like McDonalds to be a bad date, regardless of whether the meal is super-sized. On the other hand, Dempsey thinks that a bad date would be in a crowded area where they couldn’t talk to each other.

Who should pay on a date?

When a couple goes out, many think that the guy should always pay; however, Freshman Mya Rodriguez said, “I don’t think the guy should always pay. That’s not right. The girl should pitch in sometimes. Maybe not the first time but sometimes.”

Dempsey adds, “A relationship shouldn’t have gender rules like that. It should be fair.  You’re in it together.”

Dempsey Lunog said the best date she’s been on was when they went to dinner and then saw a movie because they “had time to talk and it was fun just being together.”

There’s so many happy parts of dating.  However, after dating someone or multiple people, one may realize the worst part of dating.  Dempsy said, The worst part about dating is when there’s no communication, trust, and not making time for one another because it’s not really a relationship in the first place.”

Emily said she thinks the worst part of dating are rumors. When people gossip it can cause a lot of stress, and sometimes it makes dating too much of a pain.

Everyone has different opinions on dating. There are so many ways to date. All that matters is that it works. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong.