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What Is Your FATE if You Are LATE-CURFEWS


Curfews are a hot topic with Greenway students.  Most everyone has a curfew, but not many students want one.  There are many reasons why parents give their teenagers curfews, and the question of when to end curfews is one of great debate.

Sophomore  Priscilla McClure said,  “Yes, my parents gave me a curfew. It is fair because our parents are looking out for us.’’ She said that if she breaks her curfew, she would just be grounded. I think the curfew they gave me is reasonable. This is fair because it’s a reasonable time for me to get back home.”

Parents worry about their teenagers, but want to be fair about how late they should let their kids should stay out. Greenway parent Mrs. Larson said, “Everything depends on the activity and who my kids are with. I have three children and their ages are sixteen, thirteen, and three. When I was younger, my parents gave me a curfew. The curfew is very fair for the children that are underage.”

Sophomore Avery Rosario said, “Yes, I have a curfew. I have one because [my parents] don’t want me to get hurt. When I break my curfew, I  just get yelled at,” Avery said. “I think it’s lame, and I think I should be able to stay out longer. I also don’t think it’s fair because my sister gets to stay out as long as she wants and doesn’t have a curfew.”

Mrs.  Taglia said, “I don’t have a set time, we decide based on each occurrence.”  She has two kids that are ages 15 and 13. “I had a set curfew. My parents were very strict. I think curfews are a good thing. Nothing good happens in the middle of the night,” she said.

Most students agree that curfews are necessary. Sophomore Javier Chavez said, “I do have a curfew. I have it only because my mom needs to know what time I am supposed to be home,” he said. “No, I never broke my curfew; I was always on time. I think the curfew is fair; I can’t argue with what my mom gives me.”

The next question is what punishment is given if a student breaks their curfew. Freshman Kristoff Barrientos said,  “Yes, I have a curfew. I have one so I can be at home on time in order to get enough sleep.” When he does break curfew, he doesn’t get in a lot of trouble and doesn’t get a punishment.  He said, “ I guess the curfew is fair; there isn’t really anything wrong with it.”

Sophomore George Santos said, “I do have a curfew. I think it’s fair because when I come home late, I get to go to sleep without my brothers fighting. When he breaks his curfew, he gets grounded or he doesn’t get to hangout with his friends.  The curfew is fair because I like the time my parents give [for me] to stay out.”

Without a doubt, curfews will be a debated issue for teens and their parents forever.  Students might want to consider what curfews they will place on their future kids and why before judging their parents.