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Some Rally for Life Outside the Valley


As part of life, we sometimes find ourselves in new places. There will always be those people who live in the same house, town, or state until they go off to college, while there’s other people who’ve lived all over the U.S. by the time they go to college. The different places students and staff have lived at different points in their lives may surprise you.

Brandon Albin said, “Of all the places I’ve lived, I’d have to say I liked New York the best. I loved the way the area felt. The noise was also comforting from time to time. I didn’t like where I lived because all of the apartments are small. If I could live there again I would.”

Mrs. Bowling said, “I grew up in Colorado. I loved the mountains. It had sun, but not the way it shines here. If I could live there or here, I’d stay here.”

Mrs. Walth said, “I grew up in Nebraska. I loved the changing of the seasons. Also, the peace and quiet of the open spaces was very nice. I didn’t care for the humidity and the constant fear of tornadoes. If I could live there now I would.”

Mrs. Capistran said, “I lived in Mexico until I was about 18. I loved the culture and the way of life there. The government and diplomacy wasn’t great there, though. If I were given the option to go back, I would.”

Mrs. Vera said, “I used to live in Los Angeles. The weather there was lovely. On the other hand, the crime rate was something of a concern. For that particular reason and how much I like it here, I’ll continue to stay here.”

As one can see, people have lived as close to Arizona as California and as far away as the concrete jungle of New York. There are countless positives to living outside the valley. For example, anyone who shares a love for pizza and bagels should head to New York and New Jersey. Florida is home to countless family attractions such as Universal Studios, Disney World and Cruise Liners.

The valley still has its fair share of perks, such as the high quality Mexican food, amazing views and sunsets, and national parks such as the Grand Canyon. Anyone who has never been outside of the valley or Arizona is highly encouraged to do so. Now, get out there and see the world.