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Faculty Jobs Before They Taught Might Not Be What You Thought


You know them, you love them, but did you know what they were up to before they were in the classroom? Many Greenway teachers had jobs outside of education before they joined Greenway’s faculty.

Mr.Morales used to work in construction in the Marine Corps. He kept the job because he was “needing money and needing to feed the kids.” However, that did not mean he necessarily liked his construction job; when asked if he enjoyed it, his response was “Heck no!” He also stated that it was hard and it didn’t pay well; the boss was also mean. (pictured below is Mr. Morales in his 20s)

One thing Mr. Morales will never forget about was the time “[him and his coworkers] were in [4 ft.] trenches, and a guy was operating the water main, and it broke, and a whole wave ran towards us. He got the whole day off, which was good, but not for the guy; he got fired.”

Biology teacher Mrs. Walth was a receptionist for a racquetball club. She had gotten the job because she had just graduated from college at that time.

She claims she didn’t really like it because “it was stressful because people needed to schedule the courts one day ahead, yet people called and wanted it on the same day, and they would get mad if it was already reserved or taken.” One thing she won’t forget about the job is when she accidentally cut a call with a client and he kept “yelling and screaming that he was going to get me fired.”

English teacher Mr. Yerger’s first job was doing a variety of trades with his dad, followed by putting up tents.

The reason for these jobs is because he had to pay for college, but also because he came from a family that worked hard. He “unquestionably enjoyed it” because there was “always something to learn about the jobs.”

Choir teacher Mr. Rafferty first began working with yard maintenance, and then in a packing and shipping job. The reason why he began his job in yard maintenance was that he wanted to be able to earn his own money and spend it. The reason for his other job in packing and shipping was to pay for his car insurance, cell phone, and gas money.

He liked doing the yard maintenance because it got him outside and it helped him work hard. “It was a different life experience.” One job he won’t forget about is his packing and shipping job because he remembers the headaches during Christmas, and he also remembers doing dog tags with weird yet funny names being engraved on them.

History teacher Mrs. Rearick used to work as a legal assistant at a law firm. She chose that job due to her wanting to help fight those who couldn’t fight for themselves. She liked the job because she was able to help people get justice.

She remembers answering the clients with sarcasm when attorneys wouldn’t answer their calls; however, as soon as they realized it wasn’t them, they apologized.

One of Greenway’s amazing Spanish teachers, Senora Capistran, was first an aid for a kindergarten teacher, then she was an ELL teacher’s assistant at Sunnyslope High School. The reason why she got the job was simply because she was “bored at home with nothing to do.

“She liked being a kindergarten aid, but she did not like discipling the students. One thing she won’t forget about being an ELL assistant is “relating” with the kids because “they come from different places and are learning a whole different culture.”

The work experiences our teachers had before working at Greenway were both good and bad, but without a doubt, it is interesting to hear their stories.