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Demon Fears Can Cause Sneers


Many students have a weird phobia, or fear, of some sort. However, these phobias are not as well-known as the common fears, such as arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) and acrophobia (the fear of heights). In fact, not many people know about these phobias. Demons were asked if they had any odd phobias.

“I have somniphobia,” Freshman Charity Maley said. “Just thinking about it, I don’t like and never will. I always had this one dream where I would die, but it was different each time. That is what scares me.”  Somnnophobia is the fear of someone dying in their sleep. Somnophobia is caused by a variety of different reasons. The most common cause of this phobia is the person has continuous nightmares that range from death to another phobia. The character of Freddie Krueger in “The Nightmare on Elm Street” revolves around this phobia.

“I have coulrophobia, but that is not new, or weird,” Freshman Oshmani Nickey said. “I hate clowns because they are so scary and watching Stephen King’s IT didn’t help.” Coulrophobia is better known as the fear of clowns. This fear is widely spread across the states and is known as one of the most common phobias. The fear comes from any traumatic experience with a clown or a person wearing clown attire or clown makeup.


“I have pupaphobia,” Junior Jazmin Reyes said. “Even Elmo scares me.” Pupaphobia is the fear of puppets. Most people would think this is a rare phobia, but it is actually very common outside of the country. Causes of this phobia may include traumatic events, genetics, and remembrance of triggering events with puppets.


“I have agoraphobia,” Freshman Hanna Madril said. Agoraphobia is the fear of elevators, and situations that may  cause panic or embarrassment. It is associated with anxiety, depression, and panic in elevators. The phobia is common in the United States. There is treatment to help the phobia, but it is not curable. It is also very chronic and ranges on how long each person is affected by the phobia. It’s too bad for Hanna that we have elevators on campus.  Her fears are…”Going up!”

What is Cacophobia

Cacophobia is fear of ugliness. Many Demons thought it was the fear of chickens, but they were sadly mistaken. Cacophobia means “bad” in Greek. People who suffer with cacophobia believe that ugly things hold evil spirits within them, whether it being a person or object. Is it a coincidence that our mascot is a Demon?

Do you know Chorophobia? 

Chorophobia is not the fear of coal as some may think. It is actually the fear of dancing, no offense  Mrs. Berg. The fear is surprisingly common. The root word “choro” in Greek means dance. The most common cause is having another major phobia like agoraphobia. So don’t feel bad if a girl refuses a guy’s request to dance because she might have chorophobia, but then why would she be at a dance in the first place?

What is Koutaliaphobia

The extreme and irrational fear of spoons describes koutaliaphobia. The fear of spoons is real, just very rare. When most people hear “fear of spoons” they automatically think if a member of One Direction, Liam Payne. He admitted that he was “a bit strange” for having the phobia, but it just means that he is unique. Although he can’t enjoy a warm bowl of soup.




What is Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia

Everyone could take a lucky guess for this one. if you guessed the fear of long words, you are correct. Hippopotomonstrosquippedaliophobia is always mistaken as the fear of hippopotamuses, but it surpirises most that it is the fear of long words, being a long word itself. Many Demons thought it was funny how the fear is the word itself. It is caused by something that the person cannot control; it is how the brain processes longer words. It causes mental, physical, and emotional breakdowns and can even cause major panic attacks when seeing or having to pronounce long words. Maybe that’s why teenagers text in short words.