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Faculty Follies Makes Campus Jolly


On Friday November 3rd, the Greenway staff put on The Faculty Follies for the first time in 20 years.  About 300 spectators attended the show in the auditorium, and a good time was had by all. Some acts showed great talent while others were hilarious because of the lack of talent.  Roars of laughter could be heard throughout the performance.

Some classic vaudeville was summoned to kick off the first act as Mr. Vreeken and Mr. Barrett had to let Ms. Cortes and Ms. Capistran be their arms when getting ready for the day.  This involved everything from brushing their teeth to eating breakfast.  The facial expressions were priceless.

GBC link to “Getting ready for the day” Getting Ready

The show’s first dance number started off with a bang when the “Baby Mama” dance was introduced. This consisted of three pregnant women, Ms. Kestel, Ms. Matthews, and Ms. Pershall dancing like each one of them had the strength of two people.  Their babies were definitely dizzy by the end of the performance.

Here’s is the GBC link for “Baby Mama” Baby Mama

Next up, the students in the crowd were put into a state of shock as their favorite teachers transformed genders to perform various pop hits.  This cross gender boy band and girl band had everyone on their feet yelling like crazed school girls. The sight of Mr. Morales in a blonde wig was burned into the minds of many audience members who have complained about suffering from insomnia after seeing the performance.

Here’s the GBC link for The Spice Girls and The Back Street Boys-  Spice Girls- Backstreet Boyz

Next up was part one of three featuring a nice elderly couple enjoying an afternoon at the park.

Here is the GBC link for “Elderly Couple part 1” Old couple #1

The third act was the only act that showcased straight talent.  English teacher Mr. Yerger channelled the spirit of folk singer Bob Dylan as he performed on the electric guitar.

GBC link for Bob Dylan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY-Ku8_ozsc


It was then time to visit the “Stupidest History Class” on earth with Mr. Mason trying to teach a lesson to some troubled students.  Mr. Barrett played the part of a student who constantly interrupts the teacher.  Students could relate to the act.

GBC link for “Stupidest History Class” https://youtu.be/Xomd0AGrDfM

Next up it was time for some faculty improv.  Mr. Walth was the host of the popular 70’s show “The Dating Game”, and Mr. Barrett played a bachelor who had to decide who he wanted to go out on a date with.  Mr. Dudo, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Gould were the contestants who were given identities by the crowd.  Some of the impromptu comments were hilarious and at times edgey.

GBC link to “The Dating Game” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j92ALoNI9QM

Once the “game” concluded it was time to take a visit to “The Doctors Office” where Mr. Walth was a patient who kept getting the ailments of every teacher who entered the waiting room.  The finale had Mr. Walth sprinting off stage in hysterics.

GBC link to “The Doctor’s Office”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cQjQZkhysw

The overzealous Grandpa came onto the stage to harass the angry old lady in “Elderly Couple part 2”.

Here’s GBC link to “Elderly Couple part 2”  Old couple #2

It was then time for another musical interlude from Ms. Fowler, Ms. Gould, Ms. Walp and Ms. Hamby with a guest appearance by Mr. Mason in “Carpool Karoke”.

Here’s GBC link to “Carpool Karaoke”https://youtu.be/aM_hVyqPUWY

What happened next sent shockwaves across campus as Mr. Losenicky, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Rafferty put on the tights to add new meaning to the phrase “liberal arts”.  With Ms. Berg leading the number, these three eloquent dancers stole the show.

GBC link to “Single Ladies” Single Ladies

The final scene between our misfit elderly couple came next, and everyone was happy to see that the tension between these senior citizens finally broke.

Here’s the GBC link for “The Elderly Couple part 3”https://youtu.be/-q_k-YlTEtM

MCees Mr. Dudo and Mr. Johnson walked across the stage to introduce the Special Ed. Department’s version of “If I weren’t a teacher”.

GBC’s link to “If I weren’t a teacher” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnTAsXg9NJ8

The crowd was now primed for the show’s grand finale.  The administration team spent most of the show putting on make up and getting dressed for this moment.  Professional make up artist Ms. Cordova worked nonstop to transform four hard working principals into a legendary rock band.  With the introduction, “You wanted the best, and you got it.  The hottest band in the world– KISS” the fearsome foursome took the stage.

Here’s the link for GBC’s “You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy”https://youtu.be/VAIqRho2Xf4

The audience was on their feet as KISS rocked the house.  Show director Mr. Losenicky had all of the staff performers come out for a curtain call as the audience cheered.  He then played the song happy birthday for Mr. Feldman “AKA Gene Simmons” as the crowd joined in and sang to their favorite athletic director.

It was a night of bonding for the green and gold blooded staff, and an evening of humor for those in attendance.  The only question left to the imagination is what will next year’s show bring?

Photos taken by AAA award winning photographer Ed Naujokaitis, and Demonian photographer Andrea Vazquez. Video taken by GBC’s Kayla Stillman and Kylie Johnson.