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Building the Best Teacher at Greenway


Going into a new year every student has expectations for teachers. Usually you don’t get your dream teacher, but most students do have their own idea of what they want in a teacher; even though, they may not find a teacher to meet this standard.  Many teachers set high expectations for themselves to meet, and they look for certain characteristics in their coworkers.

Some students want an apathetic teacher that doesn’t hold students accountable for learning.  Freshman Shelly Stehmeier thinks that an ideal teacher rambles off topic and lets you talk in class. She wants teachers to just “give you the assignment and tell you how to do it and then let you work.” Most don’t agree with this opinion. It can always be nice to zone out while the teacher goes off topic, telling stories, and wasting class time.

Others may disagree and think that a teacher should stay on topic and with the lesson. Freshman Faythe Sanders said that her ideal teacher is someone who actually teaches, and they make what they are teaching interesting. She also thinks that a teacher “can’t be friends with the students, but they can joke around a bit.”

Having a teacher who can make a boring subject interesting is a great way to keep students engaged in what they’re teaching.

Some subjects can get difficult at times and it is hard to keep up. Having a patient teacher is important according to Freshman Zoe Zheng. She also thinks that an ideal teacher uses “creative ideas to teach the students.”

Certain teaching methods can put kids to sleep immediately. While it is important to make sure students take in the knowledge teachers are giving them, it can also be just as important to steer away from the textbooks and try something new to help kids remember the information.

Daisy Caro said, “My ideal teacher is someone who is patient yet strict.” Not everyone wants a teacher who doesn’t have a little structure in their class, but a patient teacher can be a helpful thing to have to help pass a class.”

Some students have high standards for teachers, but teachers can have high standards for themselves and fellow educators as well.

Spanish teacher Senora Capistran believes that a teacher is a role model, “Someone who is here to mentor students and teach their subject.” Teachers can definitely be great role models since students spend 7-8 hours a day with them.

“(A good teacher is) someone who cares about kids, is organized, and excited about the subject they teach,”  said Biology teacher Ms. Walth.

Having an organized classroom can definately help in making a day run smoother. Teaching isn’t for everybody but it can be fun when your teaching a subject you love to kids that you care for.

Geometry teacher Mrs. Braun also thinks that a teacher should like kids and be able to hold the attention of an audience. A teacher should also be masters of the content of their subject. She expects them to recognize that “teenagers are whole people and you have to educate the whole child, not just the academic portion of their brain.”

Teachers have the difficult task of maintaining attention of students for an hour while teaching something that may not be interesting to the students. A good teacher is capable of doing so.

Ms. Cannaday from the English Department thinks that a good teacher, “understands that mistakes happen,” and should help students overcome their mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it can be hard not to get frustrated sometimes, but the best thing a teacher can do is help students fix those mistakes and learn from them. Does your ideal teacher walk the halls of Greenway?