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Demon Fans of Underrated Bands


So many haters give bands a bad name for no good reason. Several students were asked what their favorite underrated band/artist was and why. There were may different responses, but there were a few “underrated” bands and artists that stood out. Here are the some of the opinions about which bands deserve more love.


Sophomore TJ Smith said his favorite underrated band was DNCE. He believes they are underrated because not many people listen to them. ” Their music jams,” he said.  Smith started listening to them when he heard the song “Cake by the Ocean”, which is probably one of their best known songs. He said the band is good for anyone to listen to.

Another student who was asked about their favorite underrated band was Sophomore Andy Ramirez. The band he mentioned was Nickelback, and he thinks that they are underrated because it seems like nobody really likes them. He listens to them because they come on the radio a lot. Ramirez said that the band is similar to many 90’s era bands. The reason he would recommend listening to them is “so people can stop the hate”.

Makayla Jaffe was also asked about her favorite underrated band/artist. She said that Katy Perry is her favorite underrated artist, and that she is considered underrated because she is different, and misunderstood in a way. Jaffe likes Katy Perry because “she is very spiritual, and just amazing.” Taylor Swift is an artist she believes is similar to Katy Perry. All in all, Sophomore Makayla Jaffe believes that anyone and everyone should listen to Katy Perry.

Ana Apatnaude, another sophomore said that Lil’ Dicky is her favorite underrated artist. “He makes comedy raps and uses stuff he’s gone through in everyday life to fuel his raps.” The way she started listening to Lil’ Dicky is because she heard one of his songs on the radio, and liked it. She listens to him over more popular rappers because his songs make her laugh, and he’s very unique in lots of ways. Apatnaude believes that he is similar to Snoop Dogg, and would recommend his music to “goofy people”.