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The Best Darn Band in The Land


Band is one of Greenway’s proudest programs, and they are known in Demonland as “The best darn band in the land”. ┬áStudents who take part in band dedicate their mornings and afternoons to practice for their performances in assemblies, games, competitions, and shows.

The 2017 Greenway Marching Band’s show is called “The Elemental Journey” and it’s songs incorporate three elements: water, rain, and fire.

Freshman Tina Temple said it’s all worth it in order to do well in these competitions and shows. Temple said ┬áthat she has always had an interest in band, and her grandmother always encouraged it because it was beneficial in life to learn an instrument.

Furthermore, many of the band members feel like the group is a family and they say that they have plenty of fun together; it’s a dedicated and interesting group to be in.

New this year, the band has summer uniforms which debuted at the first football game. Freshman Hayden Gilsdorf, bass drum player, said that these uniforms, which were designed to accommodate the hot weather, are nice and comfortable, but they’re not as ‘true’ and formal as the regular uniforms. He also said that he has always had a deep interest for band even though it’s tough for him to march at times because he’s a bass drum player. “You must march in time and to the beat or it will all be a mess,” Gilsdorf said.

From practices to early morning assemblies the students of band are truly the unsung heroes of our school.