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Show Me the Money Honey: Greenway Jobs


Many students struggle to find a job that fits their busy schedule and also pays well. However, some students here at Greenway have taken on the struggle and successfully maintain a job. These jobs range from fast-food to landscaping, and each have different hours and receive different amounts of pay. Listed below are a few jobs where Greenway students work, how much they pay, what is the best part of the gig, and a funny memory on the job.

Juan Valdez

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Job: Family Landscaping

Salary per job: “I get paid about $100-$200 per job.”

Favorite part of job: “My favorite part of the job is to prepare and fix the wall or whatever object we are painting.”

Funniest moment: “My funniest moment during my job is when I was working on a house and my friend Anthony Kennedy saw me painting a house and texted me saying he had just saw me. I went outside and texted him saying ‘where are you?’ and the next thing I know, he is next to me giving me a bag of chips.”


Lawrence Dong

Job: “I work at Kumon Math and Reading Center.”

Pay per hour: “My pay per hour is $10.50.”

Favorite part of job: “My favorite part of the job is working with the kids.”

Funniest moment: “The funniest moment was when this one kid made a really corny joke and, I don’t know why, but I was laughing so hard.”


Devin Archuleta

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Job: “[I work at] Gil’s Taste Of Taos.”

Pay per hour: “I make $9.00 per hour, not including tips.”

Favorite part of job: “My favorite part of my job is helping other people out and giving customers good service as I would want if I was in their spots.”

Funniest moment: “The funniest moment I have ever experienced at my job [was] when I was taking drinks to a table which had a few of my friends sitting there and they tripped me, causing me to spill their drinks all over their chips and salsa.”