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In The End, It Totally Matters.


A piece of artwork dedicated to Chester Bennington made out of tin foil.

Probably the most touching moment for a large majority of alternative rock fans happened on the 20th of July this year. The lead singer of legendary rock band Linkin Park and former Greenway Demon Chester Bennington committed suicide.

Dozens of his biggest fans and close friends attended the event “Music is Therapy” in Phoenix to celebrate his life and the fact that he is in a better place now. A few people at the memorial were asked a number of various questions about his death.

One huge fan of Chester said that she has never seen him in person or at a concert; that is, until she got tickets to see Linkin Park perform in August. When she found out about his death, she was absolutely devastated. She rarely answered her texts and she even took time off work. She thought that “music was over at that point.”

When asked if there is enough education and awareness campaigns about suicide and the prevention of it, a close friend and highly experienced photographer of Chester’s named Jim Levow said that there’s never enough because it just keeps happening and the campaigns just keep coming.

Certain people that starred in his music videos were there to speak as well. For example, the little girl in the pink dress pictured below played an angel in Linkin Park’s song “Iridescent.”

Because this band is loved by many teenagers, and the fact that Chester used to go to this very high school, his suicide really hits home.