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Demon Pets Have No Regrets


Greenway students like to come home and find a friendly face waiting to greet them.  I’m not talking about a parent or sibling; I’m talking about a happy pet.  Some people have one special pet and others may be animal fanatics who own over 30. No matter how many strange or exotic pets one may have, many students here at Greenway can say that they have either owned a pet or wanted to own one.

 Hannah Shidler has two pets. Daisy, a 12-year old lab bulldog, and Florence, an endangered Sonoran desert tortoise that is 50 years old. Daisy was named after Daisy Duck, and Florence was named after Florence Nightingale. Daisy was once frightened by a hot air balloon and Florence once snuck into the house and slept in a closet. Hannah loves them both because “they are part of the family.”

Cheyanne Vankilsdonk has seven pets. She has two rabbits named Thumper and Dixie, three dogs named Kimber, Ruger, and Chief, and finally, two cats: Angel and Lilo. Thumper is 5, Dixie is 1, Kimber is 2, Chief is 1, Angel is 14, and Lilo is 5.

Though she has 7 pets, only Angel, Kimber, Thumper, and Ruger belong to Cheyanne. Lilo, Dixie, and Chief belong to her dad and sisters.

Alena Hunter has one pet named Smidgen. Smidgen is a Jack Russell Terrier and is 11 years old. Alena has had her for almost 11 years.

“She has a short little tail that’s no more than two inches long and because she can’t wag her tail, she shakes her lower half. It’s really funny.” Alena Hunter loves Smidgen because she is always there for her when she is sad; she knows she will always have a friend.  Alena knows she is only a dog, but says Smidgen is very smart and shares the love Alena has for her.

Greenway’s pets are loyal friends that will be there when students get home to greet them and soothe their souls.