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2017’s Most Stupidest Trends


As we all know, a lot of ignorant things have spread because of the Internet. Greenway students have a lot to say about these latest trends and if they are ridiculous or not.

Wavy Eyebrows

“It’s not funny or attractive; it’s stupid. They must really be bored with their lives,” Junior Philicia Greene said.

When asked if she would ever consider attempting it, she responded with, “I’d do it to get paid.”

Hot Knife Challenge

“I’ve seen oneĀ and turned it off half-way through; I think it’s stupid,” Junior Emily Davison said. Philicia Greene said that she would cut marshmallows with it.


“Yes, I’ve tried (slime) and it failed miserably. Don’t try it at home kids; YouTube is a lie,” Junior Janet Javier said. Javier is talking about videos that show people how to make your own slime that you can play with.

For some people, these videos are pleasing, but a wide variety of people were grossed out by these videos. Most people were just bored.


ASMR is recording any sounds that may be pleasing to listeners. Some students feel “uncomfortable” and stressed when listening to these videos.

Philicia Greene said that she would never record herself eating (see above picture) because it’s too “weird”.

Fidget Spinners

Junior Liz Castaneda said, “Fidget spinners stopped being used for their real purpose of helping people with ADHD. Now they became a joke and people just want to show them off.”