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Hey Dude- Check Out My Food


Greenway’s cafeteria offers an array of lunch choices, ranging from Mexican food to pizza. The most popular choices might surprise some, and the length of line can determine who foods students will choose.

Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Cortes said,The three most popular lunches to get are pizza, nachos, and spicy chicken because nachos have a lot in the bowl [for people to eat] and they get to build their nachos the way they like. The nacho line is the longest because people get to choose what they want.”

“[Students] like the spicy chicken sandwich because they like to taste that hotness in their mouth. The cafeteria has a lot of space for everyone to sit inside and talk to their friends. The thing that’s hard for me is, since there is a lot of space, it’s hard to get from one spot to another in time.” Feeding the school in the beautiful, band new facility makes the dining experience that much nicer.  

Sophomore Priscilla McClure said, “My favorite lunch to get is the sub sandwich because you can mix it up and it’s really healthy. It really depends on what the lines look like, whether they’re long or short. The nacho line is long because people seem to really enjoy them. The salad and sandwich line is the shortest line because everyone goes to the most popular lines.”

Freshman Shelly Stehmeier said,”My favorite lunch to get is pizza because I love the sauce they put on it and the cheese; I also think it tastes really good. [I don’t have to wait in a long line] because I run to the line. The longest line is the nachos. The shortest line is the salad line because everyone likes all the other food.”

Freshman David Meade said, “My favorite food to get is the hamburger because I have tried every food and the hamburger is the tastiest. I don’t have to wait in a long line because the food is served very quickly. The pizza line [is the longest] because pizza is the most popular. The hamburger line [is the shortest] because not a lot of people like the hamburgers.”

With the new cafeteria comes new delicious meals for students to enjoy.  Whether it’s pizza, salads, nachos or hamburgers- Greenway serves it your way.