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Strong Start for Football- Toughest Competition Comes Next


Demon Football is back and in a big way.  With the Demons off to a 5-1 start for the first time in 20 years, the toughest part of the schedule lies ahead.  Our team has four important games left, including some against the tops teams in the State like Peoria, Sunrise Mountain and Cactus.

Coach Ed Cook weighed in on the season so far.  When asked if the season has gone the way he expected it to, Coach laughed. “No,” he said, “the players have exceeded expectations.” Last year, prior to Coach Cook taking over,  the team finished 3-7.

He was then asked about their strengths as a team, to which he said it was their teamwork. Cook said that one of the hallmarks of this squad is their team unity. “It’s not just one man, we play as a team.” That can clearly be seen on the sidelines as players are constantly praising each other and in turn firing everyone up.

When asked about areas that need work, he wouldn’t get into specifics, but he said that they just needed to keep improving all around.  In preparation for the hardest teams they’ve faced yet, he said he’ll keep adding new concepts so that they’re “not new [to them] when game day comes.”

Finally, in response to the loss of running back/kicker, senior Parker Reeves (pictured below), he said “a lot of guys have to take bigger loads” in order to compensate for the tough loss.  Everyone else is going to have to pick up extra slack, especially the receivers.

If the Demons are going to make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2010, they will need all the help they can get for the 12th man.  Everyone needs to get loud in the stadium today at Casa Grande, and cheer our team on to victory.