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Swinging into Homecoming


‘Tis homecoming season, when the ladies go dress shopping and the gentlemen put on their suits. Check out these amazing pictures of homecoming proposals and poses. ¬†pictured above: Brieann Lenz and best friend Hannah.

Brieann Lenz, Starr Hughess, Ciera Snell, Zec Staley and the gang.

Connor Pape and his date

Colin Mason and his friend David Nahabedian.

Abby Vallelonga and Jace Creed homecoming lady and lord

Homecoming proposals with their own little flair. pictured below: Maya Ramirez and Autumn Jaycox being cheesy and cute.

Connor Pape used cups to ask his date to homecoming, and she said yes!!!!!

Barkot Surfafel and Helen Kando have beautiful smiles and beautiful dresses.

Makayla Jaffe, Korry Dwiggins, Marcus Maggard, Lily Gilbert and others grouped together to take these beautiful pictures.

Pictured below: Terina Orejel and Jeremiah Comet looking stunning in their homecoming attire.With homecoming season come hoco proposals

Pictured below:Friends gathered together to take pictures for this memorable day.

pictured below:Cole Johnson and Jada Pittman

The homecoming dance was a blast.