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Tin Sheds and Cows on the Greenway Prairie


”The biggest difference between Greenway back in the 70s and now is the school’s physical appearance. Also, there were no girl sports at Greenway until 1976,” said CTE teacher Mr. Giddings. Greenway High School is a lot different than it used to be, from different types of clubs to a different campus. The buildings were constructed as temporary structures and were made of a thin metal.  All of the buildings on campus resembled Building 1 where the maintenance shop and the NJROTC workroom are currently located. Below is a map of the “old” campus that stood from 1973 to 2012.

The Greenway campus used to be filled with stock pens used for holding animals for the FFA, or Future Farmers of America (Fun fact: Greenway used to have the best Future Farmers of America program in the State). The FFA program even kept a cow on campus that was penned where the Freshman baseball field is now.  Below is a picture of the Greenway FFA club from 1976.

However, according to Mr. Giddings, agriculture started to become less significant, and the culture started to change. The music and styles became more mainstream on campus and the days of the cowboy school started to fade into the sunset. Even the Demon (see below) matured into a new version.

Time and change will surely show- how firm they friendship for old Greenway.