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Wattpad Caters to Demon Writers and Readers


Wattpad is a reading app where someone can create their own stories. Created in 2006 by Allen Law and Ivan Yuen, it allows the user to publish their books for others to read and also allows them to read other users’ stories.  Many Greenway students use the app.

What do you like about Wattpad?

“I like that it is entirely digital and that you can read though your phone, without worrying about when to return the book,” Freshman Daisy Caro said.

“I like all the varieties and choices you get on Wattpad,” Freshman Consuelo Vasquez Diaz said.

What types of books do you like reading on Wattpad?

“I prefer thrillers because they always excite me, and you never know what will happen next,” Vasquez Diaz said.

“I love the Mystery types of books; they aways have something to hide,” Caro said.

“I personally don’t have a preference on what books I read. I like to read whatever looks interesting or sounds enticing,” Freshman Elizabeth Ward said.

What is your favorite story on Wattpad?

“My favorite book on Wattpad is The Caulrophobia because it is so scary, but it also keeps me on the edge of my seat at all times,” Caro said.

“I love Bullies And Apologies because sad books always help me understand my friends’ emotions more,” Ward said.


“My all-time favorite book so far is Tradition Comes Third because I read the other books, which are Family Comes First and Truth Comes Second, and I love the storyline of all three,”Vasquez Diaz said.

Have you ever written your own stories on Wattpad? What genre were they?

“I have not, but I am planning on it soon. It will be a random genre, [and] it will most likely be a sad one,” Ward said.

“I have not, and I don’t plan on it,” Vasquez Diaz said.

Why do you think it is so popular?

“It is so popular because you don’t have to carry large books with you, and it is just on your phone,” Caro said.

“I think it is so popular because it is cool and people like to read,” Ward said.

Do you prefer reading real books or Wattpad? 

“I like reading real books because they are usually longer than the ones on Wattpad,” Ward said.

“I like reading a bit of both because they are both equally interesting,” Caro said.

“Real books all the way because then you can collect all the books you have read,” Vasquez Diaz said.

How many folowers do you have? How many people do you follow?

“I follow one person and I have five followers because no one sees my page,” Ward said.

“I have 14 followers and I follow 23 people,” Caro said.

“I have 42 followers and I, personally, follow 25 accounts,” Vasquez Diaz said.