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Twitter Killed the Nightly News


Twitter is used by 328 million people according to adweek.com. Imagine life without it- you can’t, can you? Face it, we’re Millennials;  we like getting our news from social media. We like the pleasure of having things instantly. But is it too much? Are we too consumed with it? Most teens go on social media as soon as they can. However, when does it become too much? When do we stop? When do we take a step back and realize we need a break?

If the creators of Twitter shut down the site tomorrow, many people wouldn’t know what to do. We use that site for many things, but one particular thing we use it for is finding out what’s going on in the world. I went around the campus and asked students if they use Twitter as a news source and Junior Amber Moyer said, “Yes, I do use Twitter for news, mainly [for] basketball news to keep up with the WNBA and my favorite basketball team- the Phoenix Mercury.” I also asked if anyone had ever read a story and found it so interesting that they decided to look more into it, and Freshman Isabella Martinez said, “Yes. If it is interesting, I will try to find out more.”

Overall, many people from our generation use Twitter as a news source and to know what’s happening in our lives.  It is a different and a relatively new way to learn what’s going on. Not only can Twitter be used as a social networking service, but it can also be used as an up-to-date online news source that fits in with our generation and the way things work today.